Safari 4

Safari 4

Markup Review

Really interestingly Apple have created part of their site using html5 elements like header, footer, section, etc.. It’s really good to see browser makers pushing the boundary like this and hopefully we’ll see the other catch up soon.

Maybe Happy Cog will integrate it into their Mozilla Redesign?

4 thoughts on “Safari 4

html5gallery says

@Aleksey – the link without the www redirects me to the www address, does it not do this for you?

@bruce – good spot and thanks for sharing that. I must admit I haven’t delved too deply into the markup of these sites to check validation. However, your comments will hopefully help to educate people both the right and wrong ways of marking up html5 elements.



Paul says

Apple Safari takes more resources compared to Opera and Firefox. sometimes it also freezes so i would still stick to Opera.

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