Yahny In London

Yahny In London

Markup Review

A tumblr template using html5 elements created by Bradley Wright. The tumblelog is written by Amanda Jahn a lead user experience designer from Yahoo!

Beware that some attributes (vspace, hspace) are not in the html5 spec, the same can be said for the <b> element. However I understand that Brad will be correcting these just as soon as he gets chance.

Also please note the use of the header element in this site, used consistently as the site header, section and article headers as implied by the spec.

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Amanda Jahn says

I can’t take credit for the HTML5 on this template, it was done by my boyfriend Brad Wright – http://intranation.com

The dodgy attributes are a cause of how Tumblr handles images in the editor which we are going to fix soon.

BTW, I’d be interested to know how the submission process for this site works as I didn’t submit it and the link above says “Submit your site” rather than submit someone else’s 😉

Bradley Wright says

Actually Tumblr doesn’t add any such attributes, they were added by Amanda (and if you’d done your research into Tumblr you’d know that). I produced the template, and unfortunately haven’t yet had time to add appropriate styles for images she uses, so it was the only workaround available to her until I get off my arse and fix it.

Given this, I’d appreciate an update of the notes to critique the structure of the document (particularly usage of the HEADER and ARTICLE elements) rather than just fixating on a few erroneous attributes.

html5gallery says

Hi Guys

Thanks for your comments.

@Amanda, thanks for pointing out who created the theme, the site was in fact submitted by Brad 🙂 Maybe I do need to look at the labelling of that link though!

@Brad, apologies for the confusion on where the invalid markup was generated. I have now amended the notes on the post to reflect this. I just want to make sure that users viewing the source of the site don’t copy all the attributes and elements, as the site is partly aimed at helping users to learn about the html5 spec. If you give me a shout once you’ve had time to update the theme and I’ll amend the post notes again.

Another quick question, re the post entry dates, will you be considering using the <time> element to mark those up?



Bradley Wright says

> Another quick question, re the post entry dates, will you be considering using the element
> to mark those up?

No, as I wasn’t aware of the element’s existence. 😉 I’ll look into that–thanks for the heads up.

Also, thanks a lot for your gracious and swift response.

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