Brian Drum

Brian Drum

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The weblog of Brian Drum a web developer from Chicago. The site is “Conducted by Symphony” which explains why Brians doctype is slightly different from that which we usually see for html5 – <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "XSLT-compat">. Also interesting to note Brian choice of using a <dl> to mark up his entries. Not sure I would have done that, what do other people think?

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Tony White says

Agreed about the dl. Even without html5, there are some choices that I would’ve considered more approriate. What’s symphony?

html5gallery says

Oops mean to put a link in the post, Symphony is an open source XSLT CMS. You’ll find more about it here – Symphony CMS


Brian Drum says

Point taken. I’ve updated the markup to take better advantage of the section, header/h1, article, and aside elements.

And here’s that link to Symphony:


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