Cockpit Arts Maker Difference

Cockpit Arts Maker Difference

Markup Review

Meera Tank of ID Media created the site using html5. You can read the write up about the site over on Meera’s website. We haven’t seen too many sites on the gallery that aren’t personal sites/blogs of web designers and developers so it’s good to see html5 markup being used on a corporate/charity lead site.

2 thoughts on “Cockpit Arts Maker Difference

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  • bruce says

    I think Meera’s done a super job. Some HTML 5 sites merely use the new DOCTYPE, but Meera’s gone to town and tried to get under the skin of the new elements.

    Unlike Apple’s site, she’s made it validate,too.

    Constructive (I hope) criticism: in HTML 5 you don’t need type attributes on script or style tags. And the ul in your header could also be a nav element. I see you have a nav element already, but there’s nothing to stop you having two navs on a page.

    Got something constructive to say?