Dave Harrison

Dave Harrison

Markup Review

I had to think twice about including this site because although it does make use of new elements such as <header>, <nav> etc. Dave has also used div’s around those elements to make it cross browser compatible. He did point this out to me when he submitted it, saying

“I have submitted this site because well HTML5 is experimental and i have tried to make a kind o hybrid website using HTML4 and 5. The reason I did this is because having my site consistant across the platform/browser was a higher priority than having it use only HTML5 elements.”

I think this could be a good approach for those not wanting to make the leap of faith to html5. However I would have to be wary of what browsers might do in the future. For example, if Mozilla, Apple, Opera or Microsoft decides to give default margin and padding to elements like <header>, <nav> what would happen to Dave’s site? He has declared them as block level elements but I think we need to consider this going forward and build it into a html5 reset stylesheet (I know a few exist but don’t have the links to hand). This is something I’ve also discussed on Cameron Moll’s Coding like it’s 1999 (see comment #62) post.

I would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

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