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Photo and video sharing site, Dropshots has been created using HTML 5. Please note that it’s only the homepage that is built using HTML 5. Again good to see HTML 5 being implemented on sites other than blogs.

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Paul Brin says

When you accept a site, or page, to be showcased here does it matter that the page doesn’t pass the W3C Markup Validator?

I’m using a test page now to learn HTML 5 and have just started but, as with all the pages on my site, if they don’t pass muster at W3C they don’t get published.


Before I submitted the comment above I thought I’d test this page as well as the home page for HTML5 Gallery and I see now that your pages don’t pass the validator test either.
Is there something I’m missing here?
Is the big picture beyond my grasp or is there something else going on?

html5gallery says

Hi Paul

It doesn’t always matter if a site validates in my opinion, that is something I take into consideration but not something I am too concerned about. The fact that the spec is changing on an almost daily basis means that the validator can’t keep up anyway. I also disagree with certain aspects of the spec (such as not being able to put headings or a nav in the footer.)

There are two reasons why this site doesn’t validate correctly, firstly the role attribute given to the search form is from WAI-ARIA and is yet to be intergrated into HTML 5, however it aids accessibility. The second reason is that I have only recently switched the doctype from XHTML to HTML 5 and haven’t integrated and of the new elements as yet so changes in the spec may make it invalid.

Hope that helps


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