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A CMS that uses HTML 5. As i’ve not delved too much in the code I’ll let the author explain some of his work.

I make use of the new possibilities for forms (currently only implemented by Opera), beside using some of the new tags, as I always shunned presentational tags I did not have to remove any old tags.

The cms is (and will stay) in demo mode, provided with prefilled log-in data. The application is fully functional. Everything you do is mirrored on the frontend (ud8.nicolas-holzheu.com/) (frontend in html 4!).
The generated/updated/deleted content will be rolled back automatically with every new log in!

I will implement more stuff (and correct things where applicable) while I make progress in my understanding, when the specs are updated, and browsers do implement more.

My most pressing problem is that I have no idea how to tie the validations I get for free with html 5 forms with my custom js-valdations on submit. As a consequence this makes it possible at the moment to for example submit “wrong” data with other browsers then Opera, I also do not provide decent fallbacks for browsers that don’t support datetime form fields.

Note: Nicholas also points out that his site can be a bit slow because of the hosting and the things that happen during login.

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