Intense Minimalism

Intense Minimalism

Markup Review

Personal site of Davide Casali. Some comments from the author.

This is my site. I wanted to discover how HTML5 could be used with maximal cross-browser compatibility. The “javascript” hack is quite bad for me, but it seems working so I’ll keep it. I could always rollback to HTML4 tags since I’ve developed the CSS with double rules (like “article h1, .article h1”). 🙂

The markup is good, probably no need for the section within the footer as footer is already a sectioning root.

One thought on “Intense Minimalism

Davide 'Folletto' Casali says

Yes, you’re right. I did that markup to have a symmetric HTML/CSS structure, but as you’ve noted isn’t very semantic by itself inside the footer. I could probably revert the footer’s section tag to a plain div. 😉

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