Life as Rose

Life as Rose

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Personal blog of Rosemarie Pritchard. aside could be used for the sidebar and then have the about and contact areas as section‘s within it.

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Jennifer Coombe says

Hi There, I am so impressed with your blog! And you seem to be right on top of the newest technology as far as html5:) I am wondering if you would be interested in helping consult/advise/work with me on my new blog which is adult oriented but a bit feminist and very positive I think, I am hoping not to offend you.

I am in need of a tech person badly! Currently I am running my videos through a flash encoder and posting them that way and my pictures are also with a flash gallery but they don’t work on cell phones or the ipad etc because of Apple’s ban on flash…

I found this, will it work the same way? If you have time to accept a project, I know you are still a student! And/or can offer advice I would very much appreciate it!

Here’s to US GIRLS! Jenna

and your blog via:


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