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Online home of Piotr Petrus. Possible markup additions would include adding a hgroup element within the page header for the “I’m a front-end engineer & user interface designer”. The use of hgroup within the recent work articles isn’t correct. hgroup is intended to group more than one one or more headings, however in this case it isn’t masking anything so can probably be dropped. I probably wouldn’t use an article to mark up each recent piece of work unless this is intended to be distributed via a feed.

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Mathias Bynens says

Hmm, every article (recent piece of work) could exist on its own and still make sense, so I don’t really think Piotr is ‘abusing’ the element here.

haRacz says

“as hgroup is intended to group more than one heading” – 1 or more headings so his usage is good.

Richard Clark says

@Mathias, yes I see your point but I don’t think I described it as ‘abusing’ the element 😉

@haRacz, you’re correct, I’ve edited the article to to reflect this. However I still think that the hgroup isn’t needed in this case, header might be more appropriate.

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  • Riddle says

    You’re definitely right, folks, I shouldn’t have used hgroup but header – that part of the spec was confusing me at the time. Gonna change that in a minute. 🙂

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