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Rob Larsen

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The personal site of web developer and artist Rob Larsen.

Rob has created a site with a good document outline and makes good use of new HTML5 elements such as time, and new form input types email and url (although not search which is an oversight). On the blog page each item excerpt is a div and they are all wrapped in an article which is really the wrong way round.

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Rob Larsen says

Search is definitely an oversight, I’ve used it elsewhere.

As for the blog, thanks for the feedback. If you’re curious, here’s the reasoning for that pattern:

On the listing pages I don’t think of each excerpt as individual islands of content for those pages. The entire category or time based listing is the content. It’s the same approach I take with gallery pages. I don’t wrap each thumbnail in an article element, even though it, in some way, represents a single piece of content. I just applied the same patter to my listing pages.

Think of it this way, I wouldn’t want someone to copy and paste a one paragraph excerpt of content from my site (Separated from the complete though and severed from comments) and call it an article. The same way I wouldn’t want someone to post a 100×100 thumbnail and call it a masterpiece. It’s incomplete. To me, the LISTING itself is the point of the listing pages and that’s why I went with that pattern.

I have done other variations, of course. I’m still trying these things out to get my own head around them (as opposed to just blindly following people who aren’t much further along with this stuff than I am.) But that was the reasoning when I built that particular site.

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