Avon Renew

Avon Renew

Markup Review

A site promoting a skincare product by Avon.

section is used to wrap content in a few different places throughout the site, most notably everything inside the body tag. This is a job for div. The type attribute is also used in all the script tags, which is unnecessary.

3 thoughts on “Avon Renew

Wordyeti says

Where’s the HTML5? The central element in this design is all in Flash – and does not show up on the iPad at all (I just checked). Isn’t this supposed to be a showcase for designs that leverage the …? Aw, never mind.

Derek Johnson says

The HTML5 is in the code, where some of the new elements are used.

The HTML5 spec does not preclude the use of Flash, nor should it.

Bruno Marques says

Good John, the HTML5 is in the back-end. The ideal is to harmonize with HTML5 flash. It is good to know dose.

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