Markup Review

A site from a toy retailer promoting a range of Toy Story 3 products.

A section element is used in the header to wrap a single p, which is unnecessary. As well as that, all the products are wrapped in a single article. Making each one an article and wrapping in a div would have worked better.

2 thoughts on “Trefl

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  • Jerri Coverstone says

    OK OK OK,
    I have been hearing nothing but this and that about HTML5 and how it was going to end Adobe (Flash), Java, and many video formats.

    So I go and check out the Toy Story 3 web site (that is supposed to be done HTML5) And WOW the main animated banner is done in FLASH!

    I am just saying I have clients who are concerend over the Flash apps I have made for them (check out the make your own bling app on

    And you will see my concern, If HTML5 can do what FLASH can do then well where is it?, From what i learned from I do not see how HTML is going to end anything, but instead offer “sort of” the same video player, and wow a text search box with rounded edges woo hooo!

    I think its time for some reality checking, and for certain smart phone makers to quit trying to rub the livelihood of web developers.

    Got something constructive to say?