Daniel Menjivar

Daniel Menjivar

Markup Review

The website of Ontario based jazz/latin bassist and arranger Daniel Menjivar.

Daniel’s site uses new HTML5 elements throughout, and there are plenty of audio and video examples of him playing. Structurally speaking the section used to wrap the quote at the top of the page is unecessary, and small could have been used to wrap the copyright notice in the footer.

2 thoughts on “Daniel Menjivar

Daniel Menjivar says

Thanks for adding my site to your gallery!

I thought the <small> tag was a presentational element used for smaller text and didn’t realize that it had been repurposed in HTML5 for “small print” – thanks for this tip! I’ve gone ahead and made the change to my website now.

In terms of the <section> tag for the random featured quote at the top of the page – it made sense to me at the time that it should be a section, but if not, then would this better be marked up as a <div>?

Thanks again!


Derek Johnson says

div or p would work well for the quote. section is used for subsections of the document that naturally have a heading, like the different levels in a table of contents in MS Word or parts of a book chapter that come after subheadings.

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