Midnight Shift Studio

Midnight Shift Studio

Markup Review

Personal portfolio of designer and developer Jeff Golenski.

Nice use of hgroup with h1 and h2 elements within the header. The “Renovation and Innovation” section could be within a section element rather than an aside. I don’t think nav should have been used for the social media links, as they all navigate away from the site rather than around it and the small element could have been used for the copyright notice. The type attribute is not required in script or stylesheet link elements.

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  • Jeff Golenski says


    Thanks for posting the feedback, it’s much appreciated! Some of those points I’ve previously noticed, just haven’t had time to change yet!

    However, is your feedback with the nav tag influenced by semantics or is that just personal preference? I mean, does the location of the links really matter (internal or external)? Since it’s a list of links I figured the nav tag suited that well.

    Thank you for the feature!

    Ian Devlin says

    Hi Jeff,

    It was me who made the comments and not Rich, so it’s appropriate for me to reply.

    Whilst the HTML5 specification doesn’t striclty say that nav should not be used for links that are external to the site, it also only uses internal (to the site) links in all the nav element examples they’ve published. HTML5 Doctor also points this way, although not specifically.

    To me navigation on a site is for finding your way around that site, and not navigating away from it.

    Personal preference it may be, but it also seems to be the way others are thinking.

    Hope that helped,


    Jeff golenski says


    I apologize for the mix up. Thanks for the valuable insight… Definitely important everyone gets on the same page early! I’ll ve touching that up as soon as I have time. Thanks again!

    Nicolas Gallagher says

    The HTML5 spec also says that the nav element is for major navigation blocks. It even discourages the using it to markup common footer links like “Privacy Policy”, “Terms and Conditions”, etc. On that basis alone – forgetting the whole internal/external nature of the links – it would be inappropriate to use nav for social media links.

    Jeff Golenski says


    You’re absolutely right… I read that in the spec. However, aside from the media links, my site contains no other navigation. Would you then recommend that it be omitted altogether?

    Got something constructive to say?