Les jardins d’Aglacées

Les jardins d’Aglacées

Markup Review

Brochure website of Les jardins d’Aglacées, a space with gardens available for rent in France.

Good use of elements. Javascript libraries in place for backwards compatibility. Nice use of javascript to show gallery images and each section well defined by it’s own section tag. Good use of headings within sections. Could have used an aside tag for the address within the footer and link to “designed by” website ideally placed to be included in a small tag but otherwise, nice, simple use of elements in a nice, simple design.

2 thoughts on “Les jardins d’Aglacées

Nasti says

I just want to say that this one is not oh so HTML5 – it uses some of the the elements but in total not very impressive!
Nice design tho

pim vink says

Too bad you can scroll in the thumbnail area though…

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