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Normandie Web

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The website of Normandy web agency Normandie Web.

The site is well outlined with no untitled sections or articles. Microdata is also used in the contact page. New form attributes such as placeholder and required are used, although the email and website fields are type="text", when type="email" and type="url" could have been used. The summary element in the details in each article is what would be clicked to reveal the entire contents when browser start supporting it, so the content of these should be reduced.

One thought on “Normandie Web

Philippe@Créations sites HTML5 Normandie says

Thanks a lot pal for your kind comment.
The form fields were correctly labelled in the comment form. I just forgot the contact form. Corrected now.

I forgot too to add the little JS piece to the summary.
Corrected too. Thanks for having pointed it out.
And thanks a lot for accepting it in the gallery.
You’re really doin a great job dudes.

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