Antiques and Gardens

Antiques and Gardens

Markup Review

Website for a bed & breakfast in British Columbia, Canada.

Whilst this site uses a few HTML5 structural elements, it definitely could use more. The navigation could be contained within a nav, the div that’s used for the footer could be changed to a footer element and use could have been made of section and/or article to wrap the page contents.

The HTML5 charset definition can also be shortened to <meta charset=utf-8> and remember that the type attribute is no longer required for script and stylesheet link elements.

2 thoughts on “Antiques and Gardens

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  • Paul d'Aoust says

    Oops… I’m the guy who built this website, and it was just when I was starting to adopt HTML5. No idea what I was thinking, not using nav and footer!

    As for the type attribute no longer being required… well, it’s just a hard habit to break 🙂

    Got something constructive to say?