Localmotive Organic Food Co-op

Localmotive Organic Food Co-op

Markup Review

Website of Canadian non-profit farmers’ co-operative Localmotive.

Lovely looking website that makes good use of HTML5’s structure elements. The fresh items and news boxes on the left-hand side are correctly within aside elements. The main content could have been contained within a section element, but the div works too. The copyright notice in the footer could have been contained within the underused small element. The signup area could also have used an email input element.

2 thoughts on “Localmotive Organic Food Co-op

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  • Paul d'Aoust says

    Just noticed a huge spike in traffic in January; totally forgot I’d submitted my site to this gallery! Thanks very much for the positive review; it’s quite high praise coming from you folks. That’s good advice about the section element; I’ve never been quite sure how to use that. I’ll implement those changes when I have the chance!


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