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A French blog about guerilla/viral marketing and PR stunts.

The site makes good use of the article element for each blog post, and both input type="email" and input type="url" have been used in the contact form. However type="search" hasn’t been used, and there is a section used to wrap everything in the main column. As well as that each comment could go into nested articles as suggested in the spec.

4 thoughts on “Paperplane

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  • Pierre says

    You should perhaps enter “papervilain” in the search section…
    However, thanks for mentioning my blog.
    Design and integration by @TheAmnesic 😉

    TheAmnesic says

    Thanks for including it in the gallery and the advice!

    As for the type=”search” I’m afraid I didn’t manage to use it and style it like it is now. Any advice towards that?

    Got something constructive to say?