Markup Review

The personal portfolio of Jakarta based web designer Agus Pelani.

Agus has used some of the new HTML5 elements to mark up his site, and has created a good document outline using both explicit and implicit sectioning. There are a couple of areas the site could be improved e.g. using h4 rather than h6 as subheadings of the h3 in the portfolio section, and not every image needs to be wrapped in a figure element. figure is for items that are referenced from the main flow of the document that can be moved elsewhere without affecting the flow.

Other minor points are that the type attribute is no longer required for script and stylesheet link elements, and that input type="email" could have been used in the contact form.

2 thoughts on “Pelanidea

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  • Mike Mai says

    bravo! this is very nicely done.

    Got something constructive to say?