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This is the personal website of Matt Obee. This website is a truly minimal, one page design. Doctype, block elements and structure are all used. No navigation as there is only one page, though the list of links at the bottom could have been included in a nav block. Could also have used microformats (already used well in the rest of the page) to declare the link types at the bottom, but overall a very simple demonstration site. Nicely done.

2 thoughts on “Mattobee

Paul Brin says

What’s interesting is that, although the page itself tests as valid HTML5, W3C CSS Validator results show 20 errors.

Tady says

That’s a fair point Paul but as this is the HTML5 Gallery, we review only the use of the markup and the way the code is implemented. To this end, we don’t review the CSS to check if it’s valid or not.

However, in defence of Matt, the site certainly does give 20 errors in the W3C CSS validator, if you test it for CSS2.1. As Matt has used CSS3 styling, to go with his HTML5 markup, this is to be expected. A similar CSS3 check returns 18 errors, but the W3C CSS validator is, by their own admission, not fully CSS3 ready yet. This is mostly to do with vendor specific prefixes and the like.

Hope this clears this up for you.

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