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Website of a web and graphic designer.

Good use of many of the standard HTML5 elements that we expect to see, although the section is sometimes used where a div would suffice. The points area of the site splits each article into a section element each of which has a CSS class of ‘article’. In these cases an article should have been used instead of a section. Nice to see the audio element being used but it only serves a WAV file and this is rather limited.

4 thoughts on “Virtuti-D

matt says

So I try to visit and get the following message:

This website was not designed for ugly Internet Explorer browser. If you do not see any content below, it means you use Internet Explorer.
Switch to one of normal browsers Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox to check our new releases, updates, online store, stories and more valuable content.
Enjoy our website in good browser!
Cordially, Tanya (Virtuti-D)

Well thanks for being cordial Tanya, perhaps you should consider that some companies don’t allow people to install any old browser on thier systems, ie6 just happens to be the one I’m personally stuck with.
If I cant see your content it doesnt mean I have the wrong browser, it just means you can’t do your job properly. Oh and thanks to your ignorant remark many people wont bother to make the effort to view your site (myself included).

Cordially, Matt

David says

Well, I’m using IE9 and I still get the message saying that I’m using an ugly browser. Guys, maybe you should spend more time reading technical books and after that try to make a website. just a free advice

Holon says

As far as I remember, IE does not support any html5. It’s not the website makers fault.

james weaver says

I found a bug while using my Acer tab. The pages do not scroll. From what I could see it was a nice looking site!

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