Markup Review

A gift finding service that matches people types with gift types.

The site is marked up with new HTML5 elements, and uses them correctly apart from a rogue nav wrapping the copyright notice in the footer. It would also be an idea to use article for each item as they are self-contained and could easily appear individually in a feed.

One thought on “Wantist

Jacob Reiff says

Thanks for the notes, much appreciated. The rogue nav in the footer used to contain some auxiliary nav links that I have since pulled temporarily, but didn’t bother to change the container element—should have! 🙂

The concept of placing each gift idea in an article is one I struggled with and for the time being decided against. (I purposefully don’t offer an RSS feed of the gift ideas at this time either.) I’ll give it some more thought though as we continue to iterate and perhaps switch over to using article in the future.

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