Airfront Media

Airfront Media

Markup Review

The website of Paul Michael Smith, a freelance front end developer from Manchester.

Paul has used new HTML5 structural elements, and has taken care not to overuse them just because they now exist. It is also good to see WAI-ARIA roles used. There are opportunities to use new form input types in the newsletter signup and blog comments forms, and the blog posts would be better as articles.

One thought on “Airfront Media

Paul Michael Smith says

Fair notes. I despite it only launching in Janruary, I built it when the people where saying to use caution and the elements and their use was still being widely debated on brilliant sites such as this and HTML5Doctor.

Most of the “div” elements could easily be now swapped for the appropriate element type, now I and the industry has a more solid consensus on these things. Its something I plan to do very soon.

Thanks for the review and comments. 🙂

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