Matias Mancini

Matias Mancini

Markup Review

Website of Argentinian web developer Matias Mancini.

The nav element should have been used to enclose the main navigation at the top and perhaps also the same navigation at the bottom rather than a div. Each image in the slider portfolio could have been enclosed in a figure element and the same goes for the main portfolio page. Good to see the type="email" input element used in the contact form.

More use could have been made of the section and article elements to enclose semantic content throughout the site. For example in the “Desarollo Web” (Web Development) page, each section of content could have been split into an article with the h3 as the header and each piece of content within in a section with the h2 as the header.

Bear in mind that the type attribute is no longer required for the script and link stylesheet elements.

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