Proficient Plumbing

Proficient Plumbing

Markup Review

Website of a Yorkshire based plumbing business.

Fairly clean HTML5 code using the header element to contain a hgroup (with a h1, h3 and h4 – not sure what happened to h2) and nav. The main page content is contained within an article which has a h1 heading. The information sidebar on the right is contained within an aside.

Remember that the type attribute is no longer required on the script element.

One thought on “Proficient Plumbing

Wesley Childs says

You’re missing a h from the URL so firefox is throwing a error when clicking the link…

URL: ttp://

Should be


Apart from the above it’s a nice site. I would do the whole vcard address thing though (class=”vcard”, class=”adr” etc).

Also it would be nice if the site used media queries but that is a nice to have not a requirement.

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