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Personal website and blog of Pete Hawkins, a designer and developer from Belfast.

Nice clean use of the major HTML5 structural elements although I’d question the use of the small element to enclode the dates in the journal. The time element should have been used instead. Each of the journal and work entries are contained within an article which is internally split into sections.

Remember that the type attribute is no longer required for the script and link stylesheet elements.

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Saeed Neamati says

I’m against using h1 inside header tag. I think this is not semantic. Also I think there is no need to use ul/li inside a nav element. One can easily embed anchor links inside a nav element. As you said it’s better (or should we say it’s a semantic must) to use “time” element instead of “small” tag.

The good point is that I learned about “menu” tag in this site. Thanks for posting this.

Daniel says

@Saeed Neamati:
No, that’s not correct. header is a block level element and therefore h1 can be used inside. The example at uses h1 inside header in the exact same way.

ul/li is mainly used for backwards compatibility; since older browser versions tend to just ignore the unknown (newer) html5 tags such as nav, header etc.

himu says

I am totally agree with Saeed Neamati.
HTML 5 is a cool thing. we need to make some cool looking website with that.
not as usual………

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