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If you would like to see a site that uses HTML5 featured then please submit it here.

We only include the best submissions we receive so there is no guarantee that your site will be posted.

Please note, there are a few guidelines that your site needs to adhere to be considered for submission:

  • Use the HTML5 doctype
  • Use HTML5 elements, attributes, APIs or rich media
  • Use HTML5 features and elements appropriately
  • The whole site should use HTML5, not just the homepage (for example)
  • Show a good semantic understanding of each element
  • Not use tables for layout
  • Not be a holding page
  • Not use the default WordPress theme
  • Not be a demonstration/temporary site

We are currently processing a large backlog of submissions (approximately 3 months worth). You do not need to submit your site twice, it will get reviewed in time.

Alternatively, if you have any other questions about this site or anything relating to HTML5 then ask it here. We can’t guarantee to answer them but we’ll do our best. Thanks.

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