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Online invoice application for Mexico.

The website itself uses HTML5 markup, a hgroup could be used to enclose the grouped h1h3 elements and the div footer could use the footer element. The forms could also have taken advantage of some of the new input types.

The actual application uses offline storage and the file API, which is good to see.

3 thoughts on “ComprobantesCBB

Thomas says

@Html5 Gallery Well, I’m a little confused here. In your comment you’re saying “The website itself uses HTML5 markup” and that’s it not using hgroup. I wonder why you wouldn’t mention that it’s not using and tags at all.

Ian says

@Thomas, WordPress swallowed whatever tags you were talking about so I’m afraid I can’t respond to those specifically. However, just because a site doesn’t use specific tags doesn’t make it not HTML5. With regards to hgroup, I was merely pointing out that it could be used, not that it has to be. The point is to show others how HTML5 markup can be used.

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