Blue Steel

Blue Steel

Markup Review

Website of a Brazilian fashion company.

The site uses a large video as a background which disappointingly uses Flash. The top navigation is contained in a nav, which is fine, but the secondary navigation at the bottom left shouldn’t be as it’s secondary.

Use could have been made of the new input types on the search and contact form and remember that the type attribute is no longer required for the script or link stylesheet elements.

4 thoughts on “Blue Steel

superman says

HTML5 my ass.. That’s a plain old flash site…

Ian Devlin says

It just goes to show how well you paid attention to the notes above “superman”. The videos are in Flash, as was mentioned, but the site itself uses HTML5, as was also mentioned.

Ian Conrad says

I agree it’s not the greatest example of HTML5 usage, but it’s a nice site, I really like the concept.

Lynx says

Ugh.. The motion in the video makes me want to vomit.

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