Luca Scotto

Luca Scotto

Markup Review

Website of a hairdressers, based in Follonica, Italy.

Simple and clean use of basic HTML5 markup such as header, section, footer and nav.

The grouped h1 and h2 elements could have been contained within an hgroup and some of the section elements could be replaced with a div as they’re being used for styling only. The email input type could have been used in the contact form.

3 thoughts on “Luca Scotto

Saeed Neamati says

Some minor problems with this HTML5:

1) There is no need really to write ul and li inside a nav tag. anchor tags can be written directly inside it.
2) I’m against wrapping the header tag inside a div tag.

Richard Clark says

@Saeed. Re 1. If you have a list of links (such as navigation) a ul is still appropriate even if there is a nav element surrounding them.

Re 2. Sometimes a wrapper div is required for styling.

jessy says

Some minor problems with this HTML5
1)I do not understand why header put the div inside.
2)Why are we here do not use the article elements : <div class="parrucchiere-follonica"……

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