Markup Review

Website of an Italian consulting firm based in Bologna.

The site makes good use of some of the new HTML5 elements. Each section has a header, and the containing article elements also have their own heading, which is good for the HTML5 outliner. The header element could have been left out as it only contains a hgroup element.

The small element could have been used for the copyright and legal information contained in the footer. Remember that the type attribute is no longer required for the script element.

2 thoughts on “MetesDtn

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  • Saeed Neamati says

    Definitely this site is served by IIS, and is written in ASP.NET 4.0 (you can verify that by looking into HTTP response headers). Thus a element ruins almost everything, as it contains the entire document and is the first child of element. I think ASP.NET WebForms has no place in HTML5 world, and should make a change in its architecture (at least from the point of client-side architecture).

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