Artur Salagean

Artur Salagean

Markup Review

Personal website of a web developer based in the UK.

The section element is used here to split the website into different sections. The nav element is used to contain the main navigation and also the breadcrumb links which it shouldn’t. The links on the portfolio page should also not be contained within a nav element as they are not main site navigation links.

The “promo” bar on the left is correctly contained within an aside as it is not essential to the site. Where a header is used to enclose a single h element, the header element could have been left out all together.

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Artur Salagean says

Hello, Mr. Devlin and thank you for the time that you put into reviewing my website.
I would like to mention the fact that according to W3C( the “nav” element can be used once for primary navigation around the site, and also for secondary navigation around the page itself, which is the case of the portfolio page. Therefore, I can say that you were right only about the breadcrumb links.

Ian Devlin says

Hi Artur, thanks fro the feedback.

Yes you are correct, the spec does say that and I’ll admit that I thought the links within the portfolio changed the items on the right via JavaScript, which wouldn’t have made them very accessible, hence the recommendation of no nav element. However I can see that I was incorrect, so your use of nav is consistent with the specification.

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