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2 thoughts on “HTML5 CSS3

Kroc Camen says

But doesn’t use CSS3 to do the title (how hard is that!?), buttons, tags on the side (using CSS3 rotation), the search box is just one big image! The design is some kind of joke, right? It’s a mess of 10 year old techniques. Text in images!?

This whole site could be done using only one image-the bird-and that’s it.

A huge disappointment.

Paweł Ludwiczak says

@Kroc Camen: hi there! thanks a lot for your feedback, it’s very valuable, so thanks again 😉 However, my main idea was to create cross-browser site. So it was important for me to make design of this site the same in IE and in Safari or Firefox. That’s why i haven’t used so many CSS3 magic tricks 😉

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