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Azzcat Design

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The website of a small design studio in Oregon.

The site has quite a few untitled articles and sections, and in one or two places heading tags are used for presentational purposes rather than to indicate a level of hierarchy in the document structure. section and article are used to wrap content and as hooks for CSS positioning, but div should have been used instead for this.

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Catherine Azzarello says

Thanks for your review. I double-checked w/Jeremy Keith, who was nice enough to explain how to determine if the article element is appropriate. He said: ‘Ask yourself: “would I syndicate/permalink this content?”‘

Based on that directive, I redid my HTML, leaving a single article at start of document…the part that you’ll see if you use Safari Reader. I’m satisfied with the result.

As to heading tags…sorry. Not changing them. The spans are there to target with CSS and utilize HTML code for heads, rather than replace with images. They’re completely selectable. (Thank you, Typekit!) And there is truly very little ‘presentational’ copy. The exceptions to ‘perfect’ HTML were made to force the display. They are:

Logo &Identity Design (had to remove space between ampersand and I)
Process the Brief (sure, it would be better to read The Brief Process)
Payment Terms $ ($ is totally for show, I’m guilty!)
Sustainability green (semantic? no. searchable? yes.)

Again, thanks for the input. 🙂

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