Markup Review

Online web application that creates a virtual whiteboard whose content can be played back as an animation.

Uses a lot of HTML5 features, but oddly also defines it’s own element names in some places. I would replace the header elements with hgroup, plus there should only be one h1 tag in each header. I’d prefer if the site used video rather than Flash. There’s also no need for the style attribute in the script and stylesheet link elements.

I would have liked to see the canvas and websockets in action. but every browser I tried it on gave me an error.

2 thoughts on “Sneffel

matthew says

odd that you get an error. I get no such thing on firefox 3.6, chrome, safari, or IE9.

Ian Devlin says

I’ve tried it on Firefox 3.6.9, Safari 5.0.2, Opera 10.62 and Chrome 6 and they all get stuck on “Sneffel is loading your whiteboard”, the lightbox never goes away and when I click on it, it does, and I start drawing and I get the “Something has gone terrible wrong, please try again” error.

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