Chico Web Design

Chico Web Design

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The website of Sacramento web design agency Chico.

New HTML5 structural elements are used in the site, along with the shortened doctype, charset, stylesheet link element, and script elements (apart from the Typekit one). The menu element is used in the main nav – with the type defaulting to list as there is no type declared – and li elements used as described in the spec for the content of each menu. However this is not the intended use for menu. It is for a list of commands that would likely be found in a web app, rather than for links in a navigation. Nested ul elements would be better in this case.

4 thoughts on “Chico Web Design

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  • Jason C says

    Html 5 gallery must really be going downhill to feature such bland amateur design. Everything about this design is silly.

    Derek Johnson says

    You’re not covering yourself in glory with that comment Jason.

    This site is about HTML5 code, not design. Your opinion of the site’s design is entirely subjective and personal, and your opinion of the company appears to be based on your own negative perceptions of them.

    Jason C says

    Thanks Derek. My mistake I stand corrected.

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