I Like Taking Photos

I Like Taking Photos

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A selection of photographs by Rhainon Farrow.

This is a very simple site that uses the HTML5 doctype, shortened charset declaration and a couple of new elements. The photos don’t need to be in a section as they are not a sub-section of the document, they are the main content. However, kudos for usingsmall in the footer, and a nice reminder that you don’t need to do much to start using HTML5 today.

4 thoughts on “I Like Taking Photos

css menu says

I digg this photo gallery made by using html5

Bingo says

This is nice gallery.
Where can I buy html5 gallery codes for my site?

Rhianon Farrow says

Thank you for including my website Derek!

I have listened to what you said about using the section element and I have amended my website. 🙂

For other people wishing to learn HTML5 http://html5boilerplate.com/ is a great place to get started.

Best wishes,


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